Friday, 13 March 2009

How do I keep it simple?

I had a few friends asking how I made the photos in the previous post.

Attached the lambency diffuser with the orange dome, set the flash to manual mode, dialed in 1/128 on the flash unit..

Placed the setup on my laptop like below and snapped with a 50mm f/1.8 II lens. This setup made possible the photos from the previous post. The distance from the lambency diffuser to the object was about 5 inches apart.

1/100 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100.

The following night, I was again bored.. So I did what some bluntly call cam-whoring.. or would it be cam-gigoloing for my case? Same setting for the flash unit.

Because the lambency is now close to the object(my face) I dialed in 1/125 sec to get the effect I desired.

How did I make this piece?

After many tried and one side of the eye partially blinded..

I had a friend who also asked if my place had a blackout. My room was actually well lit with a tungsten up-light. If it was in total darkness, I'd reckon the AF not to work and MF would be rather 'impossible' when u'r trying to shoot yourself hand held haha.. Go ahead and play with the manual settings on your DSLR, you'll soon get the hang of it.


William said...

Creative and nice! I will have a go at it also. I have one of those diffuser but never used it!

Jason said...

Hey William,

Thanks. I could imagine why u've got it, but don't use it. I don't bring it out with me either, it's just too bulky and makes the whole setup imbalanced eh?

Have fun whilst trying this out!

Annette K said...

hallo brother... not so close up pls. :P

can see all d pot holes that normally can't see. hehehee...

Jason said...

haha! one must not be shy with God's gifts :-P

William said...

Jason, you are right. That thing goes "out of balance" and I ended up "looking after" that diffuser rather can concentrate on shooting. That is the price for buying non original. Also, I found that there is hardly any different with the photos taken with or without the diffuser.

I realise that I need a remote unit. So probably can't try it at the moment. :-(

Tracy said...

Nice pictures!!!