Friday, 10 April 2009

Bokeh Madness

I like DIY stuff.. if it turns out nice or if I ever use it remains questionable :-)

Many moons ago I stumbled on and blogged about it here. It was a messy attempt just to see if it worked. The results were nice.

Because of the way it was built and the materials (ya it was just paper and some masking tape) used, it was no way conveniently portable. Thus it then stayed somewhere in the closet till it landed up in the bin. Often when I had my tripod with me when the sun was no longer trying to dry us up, I would look at the twinkles and wished I had a bokeh filter readily available.

Moons passed until I decided to really look into it. My criteria were;

  • Conveniently portable
  • Affordable
  • Presentable
  • Multiple bokeh shapes
My search led me to the Cokin P Series Filter Holder and I opted for the compatible Tian Ya filter ring. Why not the original filter ring? Well I saved RM12. You may ask why not the Tian Ya Filter Holder then? I would have only saved RM3, so better get the original :-) If you clicked the links you'll notice it brings you to, where I normally shop.

Cokin P Series Filter Holder, Tian Ya filter ring, DIY bokeh filter holder (that's the best I could think of) and the bokeh shapes.

Using it is simple, as you can see above. The bokeh filter holder is made of 2 layers so you can easily slide the bokeh shapes band in.

The results?

Nicely shaped bokeh..

For easier viewing..


Is it Christmas already?


Tracy said...

Amazing! They are very nice.. One day I should try when I am free. Thanks for sharing it out.

Wing Loon said...

...lovely, this is how u did it, :D

Jason said...

well in programming terms I'd call it object oriented haha build once use many :-)